As a local action group , we have set ourselves the goal of making the leisure and leisure destination of Rheinhessen, with its natural, cultural and historical features, even more tangible, by intensifying the inclusion of experience elements.

In particular, the added-value effects that should be generated with the establishment of tourism infrastructures and service offerings in the region should come to the fore.

The economic tourism factor, which is important for the region, is thus to be further strengthened, with the result that at the same time an improvement in the leisure infrastructure for the citizens of the region can be achieved. As a consequence, this also leads to an increased identification of the different players with the Rheinhessen region.

The field of action " developing experience quality " is divided into the following sub-action fields

1.1 Tourist offers

Exemplary project areas

  • Extension of tourist offers (expansion of the offer)
  • Hiking trails, cycle paths (premium trails, themed trails) and associated accompanying infrastructure / thinning of non-marketable hiking and biking trails
  • Further e-bike rental system
  • Joint target group oriented marketing of several different tourist service providers

1.2 Qualification of service providers

Exemplary project areas

  • Benchmarketing
  • Corporate Stammtische
  • Joint information and recommendation management
  • Coordination of opening and holiday times
  • Certification in service quality or establishment of your own quality network
  • Further education / training on the subject of quality tourism
  • Advice on certification options
  • hiking godfather