Making a replica

Kliff Eckelsheim Impression, housing and tourist use of a replica part 2

Partial action field 1.1 Tourist offers

Contents and goals:

  • 3D documentation using 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry and color-coded photography
  • Impression of a 25 meter long and 4 meter high part of the Eckelsheimer surf cliff
  • Production of a 1: 1 faithful replica of the Eckelsheimer surf cliff
  • Development of a presentation concept, which will be implemented in another part
  • Integration of gastronomy and hotel industry
  • Creating a tourist hub and promoting tourism

Further information:

Facts at a glance
Carrier: Ortsgemeinde Eckelsheim
Contact Person: Mayor Friedrich baths
LAG decision of: 04/19/2018
Air flow: 87,045.27 € EAFRD funds
Implementation period: 2018-2019

Contact details:

Contact details: