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The "Hiwweltouren" in Rheinhessen are a figurehead of the wine and tourism region Rheinhessen. In connection with the already existing predicate hiking trails "Hiwweltouren", in 2016 five new hiking trails were created.

In order to successfully market these new Rheinhessen predicate hiking trails and to increase the brand awareness of the "Hiwweltouren" brand as a whole, print and online marketing measures were developed and carried out as part of the LEADER project. The project was consistently based on the current information and communication behavior of the guests.

Contents and goals:

  • In the area of print: compilation of a brochure for the new Hiwweltouren in Rheinhessen -> creation of a uniform medium for the presentation of the hiking trails
  • In the field of online marketing: focus on the development of high-quality content around the predicate trails, dedicated to dissemination via online communication channels

(Website, blog, social media) -> the content should be the
Focus on interaction with the guest

  • Examples: interactive graphics, videos, quizzes, product guides,

Lists, Tutorials, Games, Slideshows, Surveys, Podcasts,
Reviews, interviews and whitepapers

  • Photoshooting on the trails to the emotional

Addressing guests with appropriate motives to ensure

Further information:

Facts at a glance
Carrier: Rheinhessen Tourism GmbH
Contact Person: Christian Halbig
LAG decision of: 06/16/2016
Air flow: 40,600 € EAFRD funds
Implementation period: 2016-2017

Contact details:

Contact details:

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