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Impression and creation of a 3D documentation

Kliff Eckelsheim Impression, enclosure and tourist use of a replica part 1

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The surf cliff in Eckelsheim was discovered in the 1990s and is one of Europe's most important geological and paleontological finds of recent decades. The approx. 30 million year old surf cliff of Eckelsheim can not be conserved and presented in its natural state, because within a few years it completely fell victim to weathering. However, in order to make use of it for tourism and to bring it to life as well as to preserve it for the public and for science, the community of Eckelsheim creates a faithful replica. This is to be staged in the immediate vicinity of the already existing and well-accepted as well as barrier-free "beach path of the senses" and the original location.

By creating a 1: 1 faithful replica of the Eckelsheim cliff, a naturalistic experience of the world was created 3 million years ago on the tropical beach of a marine connection between the Mediterranean and the North Sea in the Eckelsheim area. So far, information about this time in the city museum Alzey in the form of text, graphics, photos and
Given fossils. A comparable replica creation with original
Appearance took place in France with the opening of the Grotto of
Lascaux end of 2016 with its amazing rock paintings.

Because the installation of the replica in close proximity to the original location
is done, an on-site experience is guaranteed and the visitors
a look, so to speak "from the beach" in the landscape leaves the former
Maritime road between the Mediterranean and the North Sea come to life.

In a first part was the cliff with the help of modern methods
molded with the help of silicone. In addition, a 3D documentation
using 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry and color-coded
Photograph performed. In a second step, this form
be poured out. The resulting replica will follow
according to the photographic documentation natural colored.
This makes both the visual and the haptic impression
of the original.

Contents and goals:

  • 3D documentation using 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry and color-coded photography
  • Impression of a 25 meter long and 4 meter high part of the Eckelsheimer surf cliff
  • Production of a 1: 1 faithful replica of the Eckelsheimer surf cliff
  • Development of a presentation concept, which will be implemented in another part
  • Integration of gastronomy and hotel industry
  • Creating a tourist hub and promoting tourism

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Facts at a glance
Carrier: Ortsgemeinde Eckelsheim
Contact Person: Mayor Friedrich baths
LAG decision of: 12/10/2017
Air flow: € 70,000 EAFRD funds
Implementation period: 2017-2018

Contact details:

Contact details: