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Walk to explore the city

The morning in Mainz

Discover the well-known Mainz old town with its beautiful half-timbered houses. Worthwhile are also the various Mainz museums. Of course, a detour to the cathedral should not be missed.

Old town of Mainz

  The old centre of Mainz with its medieval cathedral, the Electoral Palace, patrician town houses, narrow lanes, cobblestone streets and beautiful squares reflects the fascinating history of the city. Modern landmark buildings are the City Hall by the Danish architect Are Jacobsen built in 1971, the "Am Brand" shopping centre, the Rheingoldhalle conference centre and Fort Malakoff. Walking through Mainz means walking through 2000 years of history and cultural life, Golden Ages and times of upheaval and utter destruction. The city...

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  "This cathedral above the Rhine Valley with all of its might and glory would have remained in my memory even if I had never seen it again," wrote the German author Anna Seghers. The majestic Cathedral of Mainz is a key feature of the cityscape even today – over a thousand years after its construction. Mainz, located at the intersection of important trade routes and the place where Saint Boniface worked and lived, became an important centre of Christianity from 746/47. The city was eventually promoted to the Metropolitan...

Carnival Museum

  The exhibits in the Carnival Museum document the history of carnival in Mainz from its inception in 1837. Carnival in its current form is the brainchild of the political and literary "Vormärz" movement when there was no freedom of the press. Documents, photographs and films from private collections and carnival associations provide a chronological overview of the carnival traditions from its early days to the 21th century. Highlights of former carnivals are played on large TV screens, to the delight of many local visitors who...

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  Experience the history of printing, books and type-setting. One of the oldest book and print museums is located right at the heart of Mainz just across from the cathedral. Founded in 1900 by a group of citizens from Mainz, the Gutenberg Museum is dedicated to Johannes Gutenberg, the man behind one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Among the biggest treasures of the collection are two original Gutenberg Bibles printed around 1450. Another highlight is the recreated workshop of Gutenberg were skilled...

Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

  The Episcopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum extends over a floor space of 3000 square metres and is thus the second largest diocesan museum in Germany. It features a unique sequence of rooms from the early, high and late Middle Ages in which works of art dating from 500 to 1500 CE are on display. The ground floor is reserved for special exhibitions. In the basement of the museum, visitors walk through early and late medieval vaulted cellars where artefacts of Roman Mainz, and the Romanesque and Gothic periods are being exhibited. On...

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