Burgunderhof Merkel GbR is now run by the 4th generation of the Merkel family. Trained winemaker and "rock in the surf" is family head Dietmar Merkel, who brings 40 years of experience and ambition. Since 2016, the young generation, the children Martin Merkel and Carmen Merkel, have been active in the company and together, a connection between tradition and modernity is being lived. The last 20 years have been based on young, ready-to-drink wines. However, the interests and visions of the young generation bring age back into the bottle. Short maturation in oak barrels make the wines to young heroes, but also enjoyable old hands.
Since 2004, the farm has been certified organic and the hectares have been greatly reduced. So now can be completely dispensed with auxiliary work and the wine gets the full Merkel's energy, since only family members are in the vineyard and in the basement.

The old wood is an important part of the education - the vines are designed in a vertical style and transport the nutrients and natural information from the stick to the grapes.
Basically, they are focused on natural yield reduction, old wood (including 95-year Portugieser, 100-year-old Müller-Thurgau, 50-year-old Pinot Noir and 60-year-old Riesling sticks), hand-picked and hand-crafted.
The location Gundersheimer hell fire is the flagship of the winery, which was built in 1839 in the middle of this location. It is just as sunlit as the adjacent world famous Westhofen Morstein.

Burgunderhof Merkel GbR


General information about the vintner

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/burgunderhofmerkel/

Winemaker Dietmar Merkel

Vineyard-area 4.5 hectare

Other characteristics

  • Silvaner



Gundersheimer Koenigstuhl

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