02.06.2015: New Rheinhessen EXCELLENT wine shop

Winery Burghof Oswald

Seal of approval for winery Burghof Oswald in Guntersblum: The Rheinhessen tourism team is pleased to welcome the Oswald family from the Burghof Oswald winery for their certification as the Rheinhessen EXCELLENT wine shop.

The Vinothek has been a successful business branch in the Burghof-Oswald winery for several years. According to Heidrun Baumann-Oswald, the reasons for the success lie, among other things, in the fixed opening times, the presentation of the assortment in freely accessible shelves, which encourage the guest to self-service and, of course, in good consultation with the sample of selected wines. All things that meet the criteria for the award to the Rheinhessen-EXCELLENT wine shop. So what was closer to face this extensive quality check? It was conducted by a jury of three members of staff from Rheinhessen-Touristik, Rheinhessenwein eV and DLR. Important factors in the certification include the reliable opening time on Fridays and Saturdays and the presentation of the range in a high-quality ambience, in freely accessible shelves that encourage the guest to self-service. At the same time, competent advice must be guaranteed at all times. The award certifies the Vinothek and its operators an above-average quality awareness, high-quality ambience and a strong sense of service. Exactly these are the requirements of the demanding target group of wine-interested guests around which all wine regions compete. The quality promise of the quality seal "Rheinhessen EXCELLENT" will give Rheinhessen an important advantage in this competition. In the meantime, 20 wine shops have been awarded the quality seal.

Information on all wine shops can be found at www.rheinhessen-ausgezeichnet.de