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With tailwind through the land of the 1000 hills - the e-bike rental system Rheinhessen completes the season successfully.

More than 550 kilometers of signposted bike paths run through the "land of 1000 hills" on the Rhine. And cycling between the Rhine and the vineyards is now a popular way for guests to get to know the wine region better. The proverbial 1,000 hills obviously have no deterrent effect. That may also be related to the almost nationwide range of rental options for electric bikes.

On 31.10. ends this year's rental season. Christian Halbig, Managing Director of Rheinhessen-Touristik, is already very satisfied with the demand in the region. "Overall, the turnover of all rental stations is already around 50% higher than last year. The rental stations have met with a lot of commitment even a number of group inquiries. Also the offers of the guided tours of the bicycle tour leaders have a positive effect on the demand. With these arguments, we will continue to promote additional rental stations. "

So that guests can relax and discover Germany's largest wine-growing region, Rheinhessen-Touristik has set up a network of e-bike rental stations in cooperation with EWR AG Worms. There are currently 24 partners who offer the bikes for hire.

The three cooperating bike dealers (OK e-bikes from Bad Kreuznach, bicycle house OK-Cycling, Monsheim and the Radgeber, Mainz) now have their e-bikes in their care by the end of March 2016. The bikes are maintained, paint damage is corrected, brakes tested, the new software for 2016 is loaded. Happily, there were no major damages.

The cooperation with regional bike dealers guarantees that bikes are in perfect technical condition at all times. The bikes will also be coming in the coming season from the Darmstadt-based manufacturer Riese & Müller, which is also involved as a cooperation partner in the project. The users benefit from this: they use blueLABEL wheels with the latest technology in a comfortable design.

A list of rental stations and more information about cycling in Rheinhessen, detailed maps, route descriptions, etc. can be found at

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