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For years, the number of guests and overnight stays in the winegrowing region has been steadily rising. So it's a success story - the tourism development in Rheinhessen in the last 20 years. With the tourism strategy Rheinhessen 2025 - Erlebis.Wein.Kultur.Landschaft, the region has set out to continue this trend with the right project management and targeted marketing.

The success has many fathers - for Christian Halbig, managing director of Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH F, it is the partly considerable investment of public and private hands in the tourist infrastructure, which have created competitive offers for discerning guests. And he is sure that there is a great potential for ideas and machinations in the region and for the region. This should be mobilized - in such a way that not only financial support, but also advice, eg on the market opportunity of the idea, and customer feedback are made possible right from the start.

This is where the crowdfunding competition "IdeenReich Rheinhessen" begins. The competition aims to support and implement creative tourism business ideas, products and offers. An expert network takes the applicants by the hand and looks after them professionally during the competition. The offer of the competition is aimed at individuals, networks, companies or groups from the region.

The idea behind crowdfunding is simple: many people jointly finance an idea, a project or a company. The starter describes his idea in a video, with pictures and texts, he sets a funding target, a running time for the campaign and thank-you for his supporters. Anyone who wants the idea to become reality can support the project. The supporters can choose in return thank you, such as the finished product or support the idea with a free amount. The special added value for the participants consists in the free consultation by the partner network, in direct feedback from supporters about the market maturity of their offer and the supraregional press and public relations of the project.

The name is program and inspiration

IdeenReich Rheinhessen: That can be a lot, special overnight accommodations, an unusual catering concept, an innovative cultural arrangement, a creative conference location, a surprising offer in the active area or an extraordinary range of offers. It should be touristy, innovative, creative and regional. But the creative visionaries are also expected to have their own machinists.

Ideaful Rheinhessen is more than money-raising finance.

If one may believe the experience of other crowdfunding projects, the after-effects should not be underestimated - during the preparatory phase, cooperations, business relationships and networks emerge that are establishing themselves beyond the project. This, too, is an effect from which the tourism experts in the region promise positive effects for the future. You can be curious.

Partner Network

The crowfunding competition is supported by Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH, the tourism consultancy BTE, Startnext Crowdfunding GmbH, the business development agencies of Mainz-Bingen and Alzey-Worms, the state capital Mainz, the city Worms and the savings banks Mainz, Worms -Alzey-Ried and Rhine-Nahe.

the next steps

On August 21, 2018, the "kick-off" event takes place in Ingelheim, to which all interested parties are invited. The creative ideas work begins on September 25, 2018 with the first ideas workshop.

After further events, the registration deadline for the projects ends in November. The financing phase starts in March 2019 and ends in April 2019. The time in between is used for workshops, qualification and public relations.

More information and the folder for download are available on the website

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