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Ochsel, must weight © DWI

The sugar content of grape must is expressed in degrees Oechsle. The Oechslegrade indicate by how many grams a liter of must at 20 degrees C is heavier than one liter of water. The term has nothing to do with the ox, but goes back to Christian Ferdinand Oechsle, who produced in 1827 in greater numbers for the winegrower named after him (he was not the "inventor") and the graduation according to the specific weight attached.

Winemaker Gysler at the inspection of the soil

An economy based on the natural material cycle and its interactions in the biotope vineyard, which seeks viticulture as far as possible without chemical pesticides, weed control and mineral fertilizers. The cultivation guidelines of the Federal Association of Organic Viticulture, to which many winegrowers also belong in Rheinhessen, give some hints.

Orange wine

The orange wine can be recognized by its dark yellow to orange color. It is also referred to as the fourth wine color to white, rose and red. It is a white wine made like a red wine. The white wine grapes are fermented as mash and absorb more tannins and colors from the skin.

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