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The BSA is also called malolactic fermentation. It is a process that happens during or after alcoholic fermentation . At a temperature of about 20 ° C, the process is started naturally or by introduced bacteria. It is malic acid, which is pointed and spicy, converted into soft lactic acid, continue to produce carbonic acid.

mixed sentence

Previously, the planting of different varieties was common in the same vineyard. This "mixed set" compensated yield and quality fluctuations. Today you can find such vineyards only as Schauweinberg to compare the different grape varieties.


For wine, one of the four permissible flavors on the label. Required is a residual sugar content of more than 9 g / l to a maximum of 18 g / l residual sugar, if the tartaric acid is at most 10 g / l lower than the residual sugar content. For sparkling wines, "semi-dry" indicates a residual sugar content of between 33 and 50 g / l. Alternatively, the word "medium dry" is allowed.

Mainz wine exchange

Largest German wine fair with extensive wine offer of VDP goods from all German wine regions. Is organized since 1974 and since 1975 under this name annually in April in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz only for resellers (commissioners, trade, fine dining)

Mainz wine market

No wine market, but the oldest wine and folk festival of a city on the Rhine. From the beginning, not only regional but also wines grown throughout the German wine-growing region. Last weekend August to first weekend September in Mainzer Volkspark.

Mash, mash fermentation © DWI

The crushed grapes from which the juice is then squeezed out. The word comes from mhd. Meisch and means "mixture" (Latin miscere = mix).


From lat. Mustum. The juice obtained from fresh grapes by pressing. He is fermented to wine. A partially fermented must is the brakeman and then the Federweißer .

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