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Narrow pass

A path that was formed into its surrounding over the centuries due to constant use. For example, by using wagons and livestock as well as outflowing rainwater. Hollow paths are found only in soils with a strong loess layer.

New breeds, rod

New varieties

After 1945, more and more new varieties were planted in Rheinhessen, such as those from the State Institute for Reben├╝chtung in Alzey (eg Scheurebe, Huxelrebe, Faberrebe, W├╝rzer). The new varieties produced higher yields at less favored locations and higher must weights (predicate range) due to higher sugar formation than the classical varieties.

Nibelungen Festival

Nibelungen Festival

The Nibelungen Festival has been held annually since 2002 in July or August. The play is performed in Worms on an open air stage in front of the cathedral. The play is shown in German, only. Link to the Niebelungenfestspiele



The Nibelung is a Germanic heroic legend that is widespread in Germany and Scandinavia. Over the centuries, many different versions have been told. The most famous one is probably the Middle High German "Nibelungenlied" (around 1200, probably from the area Passau). Most scenes of the saga play in Worms. Worms also is the Nibelung city. There is a Nibelung Museum and the annual Nibelungen Festival .