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Separation of the young wine from the sediment in the barrel, the trub (also called draining or peeling). This is done by withdrawing the clear portion by means of a pump and pumping it into another drum. Hefebrand is made from the remaining trub or it is returned to the vineyard as organic fertilizer.


Typical Mainzer nonsense word without ascertainable word origin. Mostly, such words are born from the fantasy of advanced wine hours. The Radaddleche, like much in Mainz, is a kind of parody of medals and decorations and similar "followers." Funny colorful cross loop, such as the Mainzer Weinzunft or the wine brotherhood Rheinhessen, to externally portray togetherness.


Optical, telescope-like device for determining the must weight of ripening grapes in Wingert. The refraction of light is measured and thus the sugar content is read on a measuring scale.

Landscape with local church and wind turbines © Robert Dieth

Hill country in the bend of the Rhine between Bingen, Mainz, Worms, Alzey and Bad Kreuznach. Surrounded and protected by Hunsrück, Taunus, Odenwald and Palatinate Forest. In the triangle of the A 60, A 61 and the Rhine; Part of the country Rhineland-Palatinate. Ancient settlement land, rich in cultural heritage. Largest wine growing region in Germany.

RS Rheinhessen Silvaner bottles

Common abbreviation: RS (if advertised only allowed without hyphen). Area-typical, classic-dry Silvaner Rheinhessen wineries. First presented on 5 March 1986. The RS is not brand wine but a varietal wine, which is characterized by vintage, climate, location and the winemaker conditional, changing characteristics. The RS is an excellent menu wine. With its invigorating fruit acid, it differs from the broad, earthy Silvaner of a conventional kind. The RS is the "Renaissance of the Silvaner" symbol for high-quality wines from the largest...

Glass of Rheinhessen wine

The area wine advertising based in Alzey was founded in 1961. The purpose of the association is to promote the sale of Rheinhessen wines at home and abroad. Community advertising propagates Rheinhessen wine as "the wines of winemakers". It provides its members with advertising material, advice, trade contacts and training opportunities. Rheinhessenwein eV is the central information office for all questions about wine from Germany's largest wine-growing region. Link to Rheinhessenwein eV / About us


Name for a part of the wine-growing communities titled "Rheinfront" along the B9 from Mainz-Laubenheim to Mettenheim. The symbol is a pentagon with the words »Rheinterrasse«, including grape and vineyard on the Rhine. These communities advertise together (eg hiking and cycling map) and are involved as "showcase of Rheinhessen".

New breeds, rod

Dialectical for the vineyard plant newly created after the clearing, in the first year after the new planting with smaller plants also »e Rodche« called.

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