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The ready-to-fill wine leaves the tank via a pump in a filter system ( see filtration ). He then runs through hoses into the filling tank and through the filling valves into the bottles. Previously, these are put by an employee on the tape. From now on, the critical area begins when the bottle is closed as quickly as possible. Thereafter, the bottles are transported through an outdoor dishwasher, where they are externally rinsed with water and dried. Then they run through a labeller and are equipped. Another employee removes the...

vines sprouting

Breaking out happens in the spring, when the neutrophils are about 10 to 30 centimeters long. For each grape variety , a certain amount of shoots is defined to grow, the remaining shoots are canceled. For example, shoots on which no grapes grow (shoots on the old trunk wood), shoots that are infertile or double shoots are broken out. It follows that the defined amount of shoots is supplied with sufficient nutrients.

potato pieces

The most typical of all Rheinhessen specialties ("invented" around 1800, later turned into an everyday dish, now "rediscovered"), prepared differently from village to village. Basic recipe: sliced raw potatoes, layered with salted and smoked pork, well seasoned (nutmeg, pepper, bay leaf) filled with wine, doused with sour cream, sprinkled with cinnamon, layered in a roasting pan and cooked in the oven. A delicacy, also as a "solid basis" for the subsequent wine enjoyment. Here are the recipes: Framersheimer Backes-Grumbeere...


The Backfischfest is a mixture of wine and folk festival, which takes place every year in late August in Worms. There are rides, candy stalls and hearty meals, but above all, there is good wine from our local winemakers.


Originally only a French wine measure (barrique = barrel, usually 225 liters, but fluctuating dimensions). In this wine is stored to achieve a certain wood tone taste. The Barrique expansion is practiced for tanning of red wine . The "barrique clay" (tannin and flavor components from the barrel wood) has increasingly found buyer interest and fits in particular with strong red and white wines.


Premium for a quality wine, which must meet the following in addition to the general requirements: The grapes must have made rotten or at least overripe berries, and the wine must have a minimum natural alcohol content of 16.5% vol alcohol = 120 degrees Oechsle for all grape varieties.

Binger pencil

This is understood in Rheinhessen a corkscrew, an important and always carried utensil. The joke name stems from the fact that in ancient times (allegedly 1752) a meeting of the Binger City Council had to be canceled, because none of the councilors had a pencil at hand to keep track of it. The session was then continued in the Ratskeller. But when the mayor, in vain, rummaged for a corkscrew to open the first bottle of wine and looked around for help, all the councilors brought this device to light.


Blanc de noir translates from French to "white from black". These are red grapes that are processed like white grapes, so a white wine is produced. The explanation for this is that the juice of most grape berries is light, no matter what color the peel, because the dyes of the berry sits in the shell of the berry. If the juice is separated from the skins before fermentation, white wine is obtained.

image sample

To judge a wine objectively, you try the wine "blind". That is, the bottles are wrapped or otherwise rendered unrecognizable, so you can not tell which wines it is.

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