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Ecovin was founded in 1985 and is a federal association of organic wineries in Germany. (Based in Oppenheim) Ecovin owns regional associations in 11 German wine growing areas, whose 250 member farms manage 1,900 hectares of vineyards. (As of 2014) Link to Ecovin



This term refers to the sum of the non-volatile substances contained in wine, namely sugars, organic acids, colorants, bouquet substances and minerals.


Envious autumn

If the yield within Rheinhessen (eg between hills and Rhine terraces) or even within a district in a year is very different (for example, caused by frosts or hail or vine pests in some vineyards, but not in others), then this arouses the envy of winemakers, who are disadvantaged by nature. They (not really fall, as it only sets the cause) are then "envious."