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For many wine connoisseurs, the aftertaste or aftertaste of the wine is a very important criterion for the overall quality of the wine. A long finish indicates a great wine, small wines end rather short and thin.

VDP First Location

Large greenhouse refers to the highest classification level for dry wines from wineries, members of the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter e. V. (VDP). In addition to the eagle logo of the VDP, the wine bottles are marked with the logo Erste Lage (a 1 with an aftermarked, underlined grape) on the neck of the bottle.

Single layer, layer name

A location is the Weinrechtlich delimited, provided with a specific official name and in the guided at the Chamber of Agriculture vineyard registered vineyard (Gewann). Their name does not have to be indicated on the label, but is predominantly to be found there (different with brand or varietal wines). If the location name is used then the community name must be added as well. The Lagename is the narrowest geographical indication of origin. As part of the new VDP quality declaration, topping wines are of the highest quality.


In Bechtheim, on March 30, 1780, the first terroir definition of the wine history took place. This was the beginning of the quality structure of German viticulture.


Originally derived from the Liebfrauenkirche in Worms, the wine name (milk = minch = monk). The Liebfrauenkirche was surrounded by a small vineyard area early on. When the original vineyards were no longer sufficient to satisfy the demand for popular wine, it became a name for wines from the Worms area. The term then became the fantasy name with regional (area) binding. The Liebfrauemmilch is an important type of wine in the export of Rheinhessen wines.


The residual sugar content of such a wine must be above 18 g / l and must not exceed 45 g / l. However, the word "lovely" is rarely used on the label.


Classification for a quality wine, which comes from late harvested grapes of a single area, which have fixed Mindestmostgewicht (in Rheinhessen: grape varieties Riesling and Silvaner 85 ° Oechsle, all other grape varieties 90 ° Oechsle.The "discovery of Spätlese" is attributed to chance Readings were previously set by the landlords, who in turn had to be contacted by the tenants as soon as the grapes had ripened to send a supervisor to supervise the reading and correct delivery In 1775 the courier sent by Schloss Johannisberg in the...

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