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Whole bunch pressing

Extraction of must from unprocessed grapes in order to obtain low-emission, clean-toned wines. The elaborate, gentle technique of production means waiving the use of grape harvesters, careful transport and pressing with low must yield.


The wine press, from lat. Calcare = trample, crush (the grapes: formerly with the bare feet - forbidden by Charlemagne - later with the wine press boots). The winepress separated the must (liquid juice of the grape) from the pomace (solid components of the mash, the crushed grapes "poured" on the winepresses) and let it flow into the winepress. For many centuries, the massive oak tree-beamed tree limbs of ancient Greece determined the appearance of the wine press houses. It was followed by the screw or Spindelkelter, around 1900, the...


Room where wine can be tasted and bought. A wine shop can be in a winery but also in other places. This can be done alone, but also in the context of a larger group with registered wine tasting. Excellent wine shops


Buns, mostly the water-made pairwake or Spitzweck. The wake-up is part of every tasting to neutralize the tongue (often misunderstood by the ignorant as a feed, whereupon they empty the filled basket in no time at all).

Weck, Worscht and Woi

Mainz Trinity, whose symbols are worn on Carnival in the Rose Monday procession and consumed the rest of the year at the brunch as well as in the evening in the wine taverns. As can be seen from the local carnival hit, a true Meenzer can not live without the three W.


Winegrowing policy representation of the Rheinhessen winegrowers. 1959 Integration into the farmers 'association, now "Weinbauverband Rheinhessen in the farmer and winegrowers' association Rhineland-Palatinate south eV". Regional Association of the German Winegrowing Association.


Founded in October 1970 in Oppenheim, where it is also located ("Wine Brotherhood Rheinhessen to Sankt Katharinen"). Purely idealistic union of friends of the Rhine-Hessian wine from all professions and population strata with limited number of members. The aim is to cultivate and promote wine culture, to increase the knowledge of the wine, to stand up for the honor of the people and to contact other wine brotherhoods. Brudermeister is Otto Schätzel, Nierstein. Link to the wine brotherhood Rheinhessen

Wine Forum Rheinhessen

Since 1987, the best wines and sparkling wines of the Chamber of Agriculture of Rhineland-Palatinate have been presented under this name every year on the last weekend of October (Friday / Saturday / Sunday) in Mainz. Chamber of Agriculture and Rheinhessenwein eV are the organizers.

Wine jelly red and white

Made of wine, sugar and gelling prepared jelly. Has been offered for some years by Rheinhessen winemakers as an addition to their product range.

IG Rheinhessian wine vault

Former cattle stables with cross vaults, built by master mason Franz Ostermayer for the first time in Rheinhessen. After the dairy industry was abandoned, so far 45 such "cow chapels" have been converted into wine taverns, ostrich farms and wine tasting rooms. The owners joined together in 1999 to form a "IG Rheinhessen wine vault", which aims to cultivate and make use of these landscape-typical buildings.

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