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According to wine law, the indication "winery" on the label presupposes that the wine comes exclusively from the vineyards of the named producer. Under certain conditions, the bottling of wine produced at the winery may be referred to as Gutsabfüllung instead of producer bottling.


Mainly in Rheinhessen St. Urban and St. Martin are revered as wine saints. St. Martin (November 11) has always been one of the most respected patron saints of winemakers and collectors. St. Urban (25th May) is the most widespread wine patron in Rheinhessen.

Majesty crown

In Rheinhessen, the first choice for an area wine queen took place in 1952. The guidelines of the Rheinhessenwein eV state, among other things, that the applicant must come from Rheinhessen, come from a family of winegrowers or have a qualified vocational training, have extensive knowledge in viticulture, winemaking and questions of wine consumption, on the day of the election at least 18 years old and must be single. Also, strong attachment to the wine, naturalness in appearance and appearance, are required. The ability of dialogue with...


Tartar is made by binding naturally minerals contained in wine, such as potassium or calcium with tartaric acid. In dissolved form, it occurs as well as in any wine and forms, for example, in cool storage to amber-colored crystals. Nevertheless, tartar is completely harmless to health and does not affect the taste of the wine in any way.

wine bar

A wine bar is usually run by a restaurateur and is not associated with a winery. Here are wines from the region, sometimes from all over Germany or the world offered. The guest can expect an extensive wine offer. The menu includes depending on the operation a smaller or even more extensive offer.


A wine cellar café is run by a family of winegrowers. As a special feature, coffee, tea and coffee specialties as well as home-baked cakes are served here in the afternoon. Of course, the wines of the winemakers are in the tap. Frequently, small dishes are also offered to match the wine.

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