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The Böckser is a mistake in the wine. The wine gets an unpleasant aroma, which can smell like rotten eggs or get a goat-like smell. Hence the name "Böckser" derived from "Bock". The defect can develop as a result of improper production or improper storage and is more common in young wines.

Single layer, layer name

Within the vineyards there are locations. A location refers to a geographical area, such as a vineyard, whose name and boundary are recorded and protected by law. A single layer consists of several cadastral layers.


Since Mainz, in addition to Cologne and Dusseldorf belongs to the Carnival strongholds, carnival has a great importance for Rheinhessen. Carnival, also known as the "fifth season", officially begins on November 11th. The peak of this time comes one week before the beginning of the church Lent. Especially the Rose Monday parade is celebrated in Mainz.


From mid-July to September, the last part of the summer foliage work on the vine. As a result, the grapes are better exposed, the evaporation of water is promoted, the nutrients are fed only to the grape, the must weight increased. At the same time a better ventilation of the vine is achieved (reduction of stalk diseases and decay).


The term is synonymous with residual sugar. It concerns the unfermented, from grapes originating sugar in the wine. The residual sugar is given in g / l.

Shy item image

1879 (Krefeld) - 1949 (Alzey). Founder of the vine breeding (vines selection and crossbreeding) and the seedlings in Rheinhessen, most successful German vine grower. Longtime leader of the later State Institute of Vine Breeding in Alzey. Test series to find grape varieties that are consistent in quality and yield. For this purpose crossing already known grape varieties. Scheurebe, who was entered in the register of varieties in 1954, is particularly reminiscent of his work. Other breeds: Wines, Faberrebe, Chancellor, Huxelrebe, Sprinkler,...


He likes to drink there where it costs him nothing. He calls it "Schnud in the glass" (in sterile High German: "He brings his lips into contact with the wine in the glass").


Measure for a pint. When it comes to wine, however, things are different, especially in Rheinhessen. If you order a "Schoppen" in this country, you do not put half a liter (0.5l) in front of you, just 0.4l.

Schoppe Stecher

A typical Mainz term for a wine drinker, who in one of the many wine taverns from the onset of dusk puts his nose into a Mainz bar, the wine glass that is common for sparkling wines (from which the term "Schoppe steins" comes from).

Schoppenstecher Price

A miniature replica of a Schoppenstecher statue standing next to the Schönborner Hof in Mainz, created by Heinz Schaubach. It was first founded in 1973 by the city of Mainz and has been awarded by the Rheinhessenwein eV since 1983 for special service to the Rheinhessen wine. The Schoppenstecher award winners: 1983: † Hermann Jäger, Ockenheim and Wolfgang Dubs, Worms 1984: † Jockel Fuchs, Mainz and † Heinz Seip, Nierstein 1985: Prof. dr. Hans-Jörg Koch, Wörrstadt and † Dr. Oskar Foltyn, Wiesbaden 1986: † Brigitte warehouses,...

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