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For many wine connoisseurs, the finish, or the aftertaste of the wine, is a very important point for the overall quality of the wine. A long finish indicates a great wine, small wines end rather short and thin.

air filter


The filtration is the separation of a liquid containing solid particles into solid and liquid using a filter. In the case of wine, the deposit, harmful yeast and bacteria must be removed before bottling . Usually, there are two filtration methods used in winemaking: membrane filtration and sheet filtration. 

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The juice of the grape ( grape must ), extracted from the grapes by pressing, is transformed into wine. During this chemical reaction, yeast splits the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Before it results in the final product wine, it can be drunk as Federweißer. This process is called fermentation. The fermantation starts with its "Wild" (teen-stormy") part, which lasts about eight days. These wild days are then followed by the "silent" part, which lasts about three weeks. During this time, one can smell the…

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Field blend

Previously, the planting of different varieties in one vineyard was common. This "field blend" compensated yield and quality fluctuations. Nowadays, vineyads like that can only be found for educational and touristic reasons, in order to compare the different grape varieties.


foliage work

The last part of the foliage work on the vine in late summer, from mid-July to September. As a result, the grapes are better exposed, the evaporation of water is promoted, the nutrients go only to the grapes, the must weight is increased. At the same time a better ventilation of the vine is achieved (reduction of stalk diseases and decay).