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The approximately 600 contained in the wine, still not fully analyzed flavors, which develop mainly during fermentation . They make the wine a unique drink. The aroma substances are partly sensory to detect.


Only wines that have previously been successful in the official exam and in a regional award can take part in the Federal Wine Award. As the DLG Federal Wine Award is the only official wine award at the federal level. The wines are tasted by experts in a picture sample. The wines can achieve a Bronze, Silver or Golden DLG price, depending on the score. The wines with the highest score are tasted once again in an additional exam, the winners receive top award Golden Price Extra.

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The partially fermented grape juice with an alcohol content of about 5-6 volume percent. The name is derived mainly from the color ("white as a feather") or from the feathery flakes in the cloudy must. This stage of the new wine is also called Bitzler (the borders are fluid). As a preliminary stage, a distinction is made in Rheinhessen the brakeman . While this is still sweet, the Federweisser already tastes slightly sour and is more similar to the young wine. Federweisser is sold in lightly corked bottles in the wine taverns, coffers...

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The filtration is the separation of a solid particle-containing liquid in solid and liquid by means of filters. In the case of wine, the turbid matter ( trub ) and also harmful yeast and bacteria must be removed before bottling . Usually, one of two methods is used for filtration, either layer filtration or membrane filtration.


Taste of an aged wine. Word origin after adh. firni = old, year before. The term has developed but to wine with Alterston, which is therefore usually already several (for good wines over 10 years) old and in which the Lagerbukett has passed into a Firnebukett. Firewines are usually "high colored" (no longer bright and shiny, but dark to golden).

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The juice of the grape ( grape must ), excreted from the grapes by the pressing, is transformed by the splitting of its sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, first into the turbid brakeman and then into the brighter Federweisser . This process is called fermentation. She has her "wild" (teen-stormy) part, which lasts 8 days, and her "silent" part, which lasts about 3 weeks. During this time one smells the young wine in the wine villages and hears it "bubbling" in the cellar.

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